Ouch, Rejection!

Once you start submitting your work to publishers, you’ll get rejections. Welcome to the club. Feel free to have a drink – or a piece of cake – or a drink and a piece of cake. It helps. Not really, but it gets you through the initial shock.

The good news is the rejection you’re experiencing may have nothing at all to do with you or your work. I'm sure Shakespeare couldn't do better than you!. (Feel free to substitute another author.)

To help you through the rejection blues, I offer this list.

25 Crazy Reasons For Rejection

1. The editor actually writes everything.

2. The publication is redefining its cosmic purpose.

3. The editors are busy playing golf.

4. The publication changed to an all-cats concept.

5. Word count limits dropped to ten.

6. They no longer accept anything but coffee.

7. The editor’s son threw up in his lap and he accidently deleted your piece.

8. The editor, overwhelmed and underpaid, rejected every third submission.

9. The publisher prefers famous people.

10. The editor hates famous people.

11. Your piece will enter old age before they publish it.

12. The editor needs extended time with a psychiatrist.

13. The editor you addressed is retired and no one takes his emails.

14. The editor is busy dreaming of margaritas in Mexico.

15. A well-known novelist/poet/essayist submits, and you get burned.

16. The editor’s assistant couldn’t convert your PDF.

17. The editor’s computer got hacked/diseased/destroyed.

18. The editor just hates your topic.

19. The editor is afraid your topic will scare readers or attract psychopaths.

20. The editor has yoga lessons to attend.

21. The editor’s assistant deleted your submission by mistake.

22. The editor’s intern mixed up the acceptance and rejection lists.

23. The publisher went broke.

24. The publishing company was just sold.

25. The world is just too dumb to see how good you really are.

See? Not so bad. So, shake it off and send your piece back out to the next editor/publisher/magazine/whatever. You did make a list, right?

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