Becoming a Real Writer

People are often surprised by the work it takes to become a real writer, by which they usually mean a published writer. Many don’t realize that writing is an art as much as a craft. Most of us wouldn’t be surprised that becoming a good landscape painter takes time. But people are shocked it takes time to become a good writer. Why?

I think it’s because we all learn to write in school and then spend years writing boring papers about different subjects. This familiarity with the general writing process can make us feel it’s easy, something anyone can do. That is until you sit down to write creatively. Faced with a blank page, many people stumble, and some will give up.

A desire to write derives from the human need to create. It is a part of who we are. The art aspect of writing recognizes which substance, style, and tone are best for your piece. Themes, characterizations, and narrative arc give your work life. Learning this is not always an easy task. You may know every plot point, but do you know which tense is better for this particular story? What words will make your work stronger?

But good news! You can learn the craft of writing, everything from grammar to a book pitch. Numerous books, workshops, and conferences can teach you most of what you’ll need to know. Online options can provide an extensive education to grow in your chosen field. As you learn more skills, your art will grow.

Writing takes practice if you want pieces that precisely express your thoughts. For that, revisions are necessary for every writer, every time. The reason is simple; it makes the work better. This process can be intimidating for many people, but accepting the process is something we need to do. Even if you’re writing a piece that only your family will ever read, you will want them to understand what you mean.

Never undervalue your writing dream, no matter how small you think it is. Writing is fun. It’s cathartic and often hard. It’s important to you and those who need to read your words. Writing changes the world. Sometimes, people ask me if their ideas are worth pursuing, saying they’re too busy, too old, or too whatever they are. I tell them what I believe; dreams are always worth pursuing.

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