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Unmuted: Voices on the Edge

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Voices on the Edge

"Moving and emotionally charged . . ."

“Releasing the voices of those suffering is an important step in understanding the world and the struggles of the mentally ill . . .  I couldn’t stop reading . . . a fresh approach to a topic that is just now getting the attention it deserves.”

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Homefront Unmuted

This new chapbook of personal poems is based on my childhood experiences. Though it deals with the dark subject matter of abuse, it also speaks to the resiliency of those who survive.

Email me for more information or to purchase a copy.

A little more about me --

I've written everything from poetry to PR, stories to essays. I've co-founded and edited journals. I went to grad school at sixty-four for an MFA in Creative Writing and graduated with honors. It's been a blast. 

Other recent publications and honors: Paper Dragon, Fudoki Magazine, and Aphelion: Webzine for Science Fiction & Fantasy, and the exhibition of creative works, Unique Minds: Creative Voices at Princeton University, 2020 & 2021

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